The little things that add up

I started my nail collection when I first got sick and had to move back home. I was housebound for 90 per cent of the time and I didn’t have the strength to do anything with my hair and my skin was to sensitive for makeup so I focused on my nails cheering myself up with colours and textures and its something you can take your time over and do in bed. Also the one plus point about not being able to do anything is that there is nothing you can break a nail on. I think it’s testament to how long I’ve been sick to how many polishes I have but sick or not there’s many a harmless joy to be had in those colourful bottles.

Too many bottles?… Never!

Nails Inc.


Leighton Denny


7 thoughts on “The little things that add up

  1. Moongazer says:

    Oooh, you sound like a kindred spirit 🙂 I LOVE nail polish! What I did (and there’s a post on my blog with a pic, if you want to have a rummage and find it) is I bought some nail wheels and painted my nail polish onto them.
    I’ll repost it for you, actually 🙂


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