Unsung hero product – Nails

When it comes to the wonderful world of nail’s nearly all the focus is on the polish. This hardly surprising as you would rightly say that the polish was the whole point, it’s what we see and others admire but inevitably there comes a time when what goes on must come off. It is this removal stage that often gets neglected yet it’s a quite important part of the process as a good remover can help nourish your nails and take off the polish without causing any damage or staining which keeps your nails looking good when you go for a new colour or finish, they clean up mistakes with an aid of a cotton bud and a remover that works quickly and without mess means we can enjoy different looks easily. By making anything easy and fuss free means we keep enjoying the process and as such do it more. A good remover enables our nail polish addiction to be fed.

I was asked through a friend how I managed doing my nails even though I have Lupus. A girl had told my friend that she used to love having her nails done but due to touch sensitivities she couldn’t bear or manage the scrubbing action to remove the polish. My answer was nail remover pots. They are not a new product, they’ve been around sometime, but it seems some people don’t know that they exist. Remover pots take the fuss and effort out of removal and Nails Inc.’s and Leighton Denny’s in particular have essential oils that are kind on sensitive skins and Bourjois’s, though not as gentle in the smell department, does both toes and fingers. Remover pots may just turn out to enable some people to come back to the wonderful world of nail polish. They may just be someone’s beauty hero.

beauty 1 004


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