Masking your Woes

I think if there is one thing that unites all of us with chronic illness(es) it is disturbed sleep: too much, too little, too heavy, too light – we can rarely get it right. Poor sleep is synonamous with poor skin, which is unfortunate. Beauty brands capitalise on masking a bad nights sleep with various ‘anti-fatigue’ related products and test their products on a sympathetic pool of volunteers. Well, if a brand really wants to claim to be ‘anti-fatigue’ they should try it on us! If it works on us it truly is a miracle cream. It seems, however, no brand has been brave enough to take that test which is a shame, as if there ever is a group of people that would appreciate a great product it would be us. And if it works on us it would work on anyone! I guess we’re too big a challenge.

Whilst waiting for the miracle products to take away any sign on our skin of the suffering we feel there are some products out there that can and do make a difference. And sometimes, just the promise of a skin benefit can lift the spirit (a beauty placebo). So whilst this blog may never discover the dream cream it plans to share those small comforts and joys to be found in taking the time to care for your outside, to distract from what cannot be controlled in the inside.

I hope this makes some sense. I haven’t slept.


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