Down but for the animals

I will keep this brief as I don’t want this blog to be full of woe and i’ll just write this post as a means to explain my absence. I’ve been off work since October 2014 due to a massive Flare but without warning work sent me my P45 (terminated my contract). I was devastated as I spent many years building my strength so that I would be able to work and for three years I had managed to do so (even if only part-time) but now I have had to go back on state assistance and I hate it! I’m still unable to work so I feel completely useless. Crafting is my cling-to activity when I’m flaring as it’s a good distraction from the pain and I can do some form of it even when I’m in pain but its been so bad recently that I have only just this week-end been able to complete small projects. Despite being unable to craft the one or (three things) I have through the dark days and sunny nights are my animals. They always watch over me and Keats (my dog) is especially good at stroking my hair and head when I can’t sleep for the pain (he literally does that). So here is to the animals!

Number 1 on The modern Girl’s Guide is get yourself something cute and furry (even if it’s just a cuddly toy).

These are my fur babies:











12 thoughts on “Down but for the animals

  1. A Touch of Mel says:

    Your pets are adorable! I’m sorry about your job! Keep you head up! Know you are loved and they you are special! Also know God has a plan for you! Just trust in him!

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  2. lucyloopysos says:

    Sorry to hear about your job. Yes pets are wonderful, honestly one of the few things that keeps me going on my real bad days. Must say you’re pets so cute, you lucky live very far as I be right there chilling with the pets 😉 lol.x

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  3. midgetaylor143 says:

    Bless your heart. I remember when i first got to that point. It was so difficult. I had a cat back then. Her name was Socks. She was my buddy, and my helper. I still miss her so much. One day, while on the floor unable to arise for several days and night, she brought me a bird so i would have something to eat. I knew that day that she was taking care of me while I could no longer take care of her or myself. I was forced to give her to a others.

    I’m sorry to say, she refused to eat when I had to do that. She finally wasted away, and I did not know until she was gone. If I had known I would have reclaimed her and we could have been together through everything. sigh. Thanks for the memory. Hopefully, in my new home I shall be allowed to have another friend such as socks.

    Hugs from a distance. Hang in there girl. You are doing okay in spite of everything.


    • lore green says:

      That is such a touching and ultimately sad story about Socks. She sounds amazing so here’s to Socks and all the unsung animal heroes xx And finger’s crossed for your new home. Much love x


  4. luckythimble says:

    Sorry about the job but they obviously didn’t deserve you, hopefully you have much better things on the horizon! Your pets are absolutely adorable, and great name choices – if I had a dog like Keats they’d get away with murder x

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    • lore green says:

      Yes, Keats does get away with murder. He can get anything he wants with one look into his eyes. Thank you for your kind words regarding my job. I certainly hope that better things will come, I will just have to see this as an opportunity for something new. x

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