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I’ve just made my first post to the sister blog to this one. This blog is all about making the best of being ill, focusing on beauty. My new blog, which will run alongside this one will look at illness and disability on a personal and socio-political level. They are very different blogs so the new one may not interest those that enjoy this one but if you wanted to take a look it is called The Ill Represented.

Thanks for your time. x

[I have edited the link as I embarrassingly typed it in wrong – so sorry, should hopefully work now x]

8 thoughts on “Sister Blog

      • Fibro Chick says:

        You’re very welcome 🙂 I’ll go check it as soon as I can, but I’ve got an official letter thing that has a deadline of today on it, and I MUST get that out of the way before I indulge my new blog addiction!

        -Thanks for the follow, btw – I meant to say yesterday, but got sidetracked by not being able to find your new blog!

        L. X

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  1. Fibro Chick says:

    Thanks! But also Lol, Lore! Actually, it was a disaster :-/ I ended up with a massive migraine. I did a lousy job on a very important letter, had all kinds of technical problems that required complicated work-arounds, and I officially hate Microsoft. Fell asleep (thankfully) on migraine meds by 4, didn’t wake up til 7, still feel rotten and migraine still lurking. C’estvla vie. X

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