Twiddlemuff for dementia patients

This is a cheeky re-blog from my other blog but I wanted to share it here as Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease are chronic illnesses that are often suffered in silence and marginalised (something many of us can relate to) and it is a disease and not an inevitable part of ‘old age’. It can be difficult to ‘reach’ Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients so anything that helps them to ‘connect’ such as these twiddlemuffs or activity quilts can only be a good thing.

Sew Ellie's Imaginary Friend

A friend of mine alerted me to a call that an English hospital has made for people to knit twiddlemuffs for dementia patients. These muffs contain items and textures that people with advanced dementia can feel and play with which can stimulate cognitive functions and help with anxiety. Unfortunately I can’t knit but my mum who works with dementia patients said that the wards sometimes use activity blankets/quilts that have a similar effect so I’ve decided to make a quilt for my mum’s ward. I’m going to do some research as to what the quilt should contain but I’m so excited about it. My Nan has Alzheimer’s disease and as she was the one that encouraged my crafty life it would be nice if I could use those skills she taught me to help others with her condition and those with dementia.

Below is a link to the knitting pattern for…

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