A little quiet

I just wanted to explain why I have been a little quite and why there may be a delay in writing posts/replies. I had a very rough night on the Friday just gone and an ambulance was called for me Saturday morning. I refused to go into hospital (it always makes me sicker) so after consultations I’m being treated at home. I’ve finally been given stronger pain medication, which is helping a bit and a few tests/assessments are being fast-tracked. I’m exhausted, frustrated and my immunity is very low but I hope I can post/comment soon as talking to you all helps to make me feel a little better. I’ll pop in and out when I can.

In the meantime this little one has been a wonderful nurse and is keeping close to me.

WP_20150622_13_45_58_Pro WP_20150424_08_12_39_Pro

21 thoughts on “A little quiet

  1. jcharnas says:

    Modern Girl,
    I’m trying to reach out to other people living with a chronic illnesses through WordPress. I loved the photo of your cat. I have a similar looking one who provides me with endless comfort. I admire that you know what works for you, and said no to going to the hospital. I look forward to reading more of your blogs.
    Author, Living Well with Chronic Ilness

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    • lore green says:

      They definitely make life more enjoyable. I couldn’t live without an animal or two in my life. I had a cat (Phoebe) who always knew when I had a stomach pains and she’d curl up on my tummy and gentle massage it. She only ever laid on my tummy when it hurt – cats have a special therapeutic sense. x

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