The Skincare Equivalent to Hot Chocolate

I recently tried Birchbox’s beauty box delivery and have loved how it has opened me up to experiencing new products and often unheard of (to me at least) brands. One of my most prized ‘discoveries’ has been the Masque Crème Fraiche by Nuxe. It must be good as I hate masks; I hate the mess, the time it takes, the texture and the tight, often stingy feeling that gets left on my face. The Nuxe mask is different.

The mask is gentle right from the way it is applied through to how it is removed due to it’s milk-like texture (it can be gently removed by cotton-wool or a damp cloth). It’s smell is subtle and calming and takes just a few minutes to work, so easily applied even if your bed-bound. As it’s not harsh it could be used a few times a week for a moisture boost and the moisturising effects are long-lasting. My Sjogren’s acts as a massive sponge taking away all my skin’s moisture and when it’s very active I sometimes have to apply quite rich moisturiser a few times during the day just to keep my skin ‘stable’. This masque means those applications are less during the 24 hours after I applied it. Effective and lovely to use. A comforting layer for those harsh winter days – ‘uuummmm!’.

ellie in her basket 011


6 thoughts on “The Skincare Equivalent to Hot Chocolate

  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    i love this mask too!! i actually use it more as a moisturizer and not as a mask (i don’t remove it) because i have such dry skin – and it works amazingly ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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  2. BeautyByMel says:

    I used to do birchbox, I was not very happy with mine though. I’m glad yours is working out for you! I do Ipsy and I really love it! Same price and everything just bigger samples to me.


    • lore green says:

      Yeah Birchbox can be a bit hit-and- miss. I’m not sure if we have Ipsy over here. We have Glossybox which is quite good and the new one here is My Little Box. My Little Box started in France and the boxes are sent directly from France to the subscriber – It’s fantastic! You don’t have as many beauty products but you get at least one accessory in your box. The best one was the first one which was a Diane Von Furstenberg one and you received a large printed scarf and a brooch as well as three full-size beauty products.


      • BeautyByMel says:

        That sounds lovely! I want to try more subscription services but I don’t have the money for all of that lol I do one other subscription from Walmart it’s only 5$ and it’s pretty good! I just love getting to try new things without spending a fortune:)


      • lore green says:

        Yeah it’s easy to get carried away as you deceive yourself it’s a present as it comes through the post. I conveniently forget that I’ve actually paid for it. A $5 box sounds great. Sometimes it saves me money when it’s something I can use. The boxes are great fun and they often prompt me to be more adventurous.

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